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  • There are no prerequisites as training will be provided. 

  • Each activity will have a different set of virtual and physical activities, do check the activity key dates above for details. 

  • For all events, participants who make it to the physical finals are required to bring their own laptops and accessories (monitors, charging devices etc.). Wired LAN and WiFi will be provided for internet access.


    A limited number of XR headset devices will be provided for participants to test and develop their XR applications for the hackathon. Participants may bring their personal headset devices. 


    No prerequisite is required as training will be provided. Participants will need to bring their own laptops for the training. 


    For the virtual qualifiers and hybrid training/workshops, participants are required to use their own laptops. 

    For physical finals, there is no requirement for participants to bring their laptops. 

  • Of course! You are more than welcome to sign up again, as the challenges will be different from past editions. 

  • Yes, as long as the participants are registering for the same category. Participants from different education levels can still form a team but the team category will be based on the highest education level attained within the team. 

  • You can register as an individual or a small group, and the organisers will help to form a team with other registrants where possible. 

  • Early registrants will receive confirmation of their registration status around March 2024, before registration opens. As each activity has a limited number of slots, participants who are interested can secure their places earlier if they can commit to the key dates of each activity. 

  • As there are limited slots for each activity, there may be a selection process after registration (or early registration) closes. Confirmed participants will be notified via email. All information with regard to the activity you registered for will be included in the email if you have been selected. 

  • As some of the activities are held concurrently, please refer to the activity dates to plan your BrainHack experience according to your interest and availability (e.g. school commitments). 

  • Yes, you can! You may participate based on your highest attained qualification. 

  • Yes! Each activity has its own eligibility criteria, so please ensure that you check the requirements for the activities you are interested in before registering. 

  • Most of the events are done virtually so you can participate even though you study overseas. However, if you do manage to qualify for the finals, you are required to attend physically. In addition, please check if the activity you are interested in requires you to be present physically. 

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